Current Supported Project - Bloom - Vocational Training - Cake & Card Making - Phnom Penh, Cambodia

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City:  Phnom Penh
Project:  Vocational Training - Cake Making and Card Making
Partner:  Bloom

Bloom is an educational/training development project that works directly with vulnerable young women in Cambodia, providing them with valuable vocational skills that lead to long-term employment, dignity and value.

Currently Bloom conducts hospitality training courses that include classes in café/barista skills, cookery, hygiene, workplace safety and specialist courses in cake art and paper craft.

All training is done through games, role play, and practical exercises to ensure girls from all educational backgrounds can participate.

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The Training Centre also operates a thriving training café in Phnom Penh for its students and employees, featuring world class 'cake art' created by the talented girls of Bloom. These cupcakes and incredible cake designs have taken Phnom Penh by storm and enabled many girls the chance to find careers as high end cake decorators.

Bloom provides all students with Khmer & English literacy training as many girls have never had the chance to go to school. The training is also done through games, role play, and practical exercises.

The heart of Bloom Asia

At the heart of BloomAsia is a passion to empower Cambodian women.

BloomAsia Training Centres provides essential skills and vocational training to enable every woman to find their dignity, value and a renewed hope for the future.
BloomAsia Training Centres

Bloom Cakes – a tasty success story

Students in the Hospitality course are taught the art of cake baking and decorating at a world-class standard. They then graduate to become employed in the BloomAsia businesses where they earn a fair and generous wage.

Graduates' cakes are renown for their creativity and artistry, and have even graced the covers of newspapers and magazines. From cupcakes to multi-tiered mega creations, BloomAsia cakes are highly sought after for weddings and celebrations all over Cambodia.

The next time you're in Cambodia, drop into one of the Bloom Cafes.

BloomAsia Cards – a masterpiece in the making

BloomAsia also offers a Paper Crafts course where students are taught the art of handmade paper goods. As with BloomAsia Cakes, the students graduate into the business to earn a fair and generous wage.

The superb quality and range by BloomAsia Cards has already attracted large international orders, keeping our ladies hearts and hands cheerfully busy.

All profits from any BloomAsia Enterprise is directed straight back into Training Centres, so more students can be provided with the opportunity to gain training and employment.


To provide training facilities that are safe and focused on meeting the specific needs of clients;
To empower students by teaching skills that lead to viable employment;
To ensure that training leads to sustainable long term employment for graduates either in external job placements or internal business programs.

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