Current Project - Grants for Grandparents - Ndola, Zambia

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ity:  Ndola
Project:  Grants for Grandparents

Grants for Grandparents has been established to assist grandparents who are the full time carers of at least one grandchild.

Grants for Grandparents' primary focus is the small African nation of Zambia, where life expectancy is just 49 years of age.

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Zambia ranks 163 out 175 countries on the Human Development Index and has one of the highest HIV/AIDS prevalence rates in the world. There are more than 1.3 million orphans in a country of just over 13 million.

Grants for Grandparents will provide grants to grandparents to establish or expand a small business, to provide basic school requirements or to fund medical treatment for children in their care.

Twice a year Grants for Grandparents will invite applications for grants which will be considered and awarded based on a particular set of criteria. Help from Grants for Grandparents will be discretionary and subject to available funding.

Grants for Grandparents is committed to an ethos of transparency and accountability. Zambian employees will be remunerated appropriately. Administration costs in Zambia and future travel costs for them to come to Australia will be met by funding received. It is our intention that no funding will be used to meet any costs of Australians involved in this project, including travel to Africa.

"One day you are living your life, enjoying the freedom of your children grown up with families of their own. The joy of being a grandparent, having a career ... then suddenly you are the mother of a young grandchild or grandchildren. " Grandparents Raising Grandchildren, NSW, Australia

People living in the target communities are generally lowly educated and as such have low incomes thereby not being able to access various social amenities. Specifically, they face the following developmental needs:-

  • Poor access to education services;
  • Poor access to health services;
  • Low nutritional levels;
  • Poor shelter;
  • Poor literacy levels; and
  • Generally, poor access to other social amenities.

Grants for Grandparents aims to combat some of these issues by:-

  • facilitating the establishment of small business for increased family income;
  • facilitating expansion of already existing small business for increased family income;
  • providing school requisites for children in the initial stages of the business so that they don't use up their capital;
  • providing grants to provide safe accommodation for the family; and
  • providing funds for medical treatment for the grandchildren who are suffering from HIV/AIDS.

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