Current Project - Agape International Ministries - Sewing Training and Employment - Svay Pak, Cambodia

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City: Svay Pak, Cambodia
Project: Vocational Training
Partner: Agape International Ministries

Svay Pak is known as the prostitution capital of Phnom Penh. Be A HERO is working in Svay Pak to eradicate prostitution, human trafficking and slave labour by partnering in a vocational training facility which rescues the girls, rehabilitates them and then teaches sewing, English and Khmer literacy and numeracy, bible study, personal care and values.  The girls are employed in the sewing business which is providing them with good wages, working conditions and sustainability.

In addition to giving restored young women a job, this training centre can offer young women still trapped in brothels with no opportunity for income and pressure to raise money for family or to care for children an immediate rescue. They can walk into the centre getting on the job training, childcare, healthcare, continuing academic education, counseling and be paid well above average.

To date 41 girls have been rescued, rehabilitated, trained, employed and empowered through sewing and jewellery making.  They now have a hope and a future.

You can support this project through your non-tax deductible donations to continue rescuing, rehabilitating and training more girls and by purchasing garments through the HERO Shop

Times are changing in Svay Pak.  Fewer girls are put in front of their own homes to earn a living through prostitution as the Cambodian government is cracking down on this end of the business.  But now the karaoke bars have more services available.  This rescue and training facility is working with the girls in the community to eradicate the sex industry altogether.

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