Current Project - Global Concern - Sewing Training and MicroBusiness - India and Bangladesh

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Location:  India and Bangladesh
Project:  Vocational Training & Microbusiness - Sewing
Partner:  Global Concern - Every Home for Christ

Women's Lives are Changed!

Unskilled women in the communities where Every Home for Christ is educating children are also given an opportunity for self-development. In India and Bangladesh sewing classes train village women in the tailoring skills they need for employment and many are able to find work in garment factories, earning an income for the first time in their lives. The Indian women who formed a "Self-Help" group are so grateful to Every Home for Christ for giving them the opportunity to own their own sewing machines so they can sew clothes at home and earn a living. All these women from poor communities have developed in their self-esteem as they are able to help provide daily needs for their families.

$195 will provide a sewing machine to help one woman fight her way out of poverty

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