Current Project - Rancho San Juan Bosco - Orphanage - Tecate, Mexico

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City: Tecate, Mexico
Project:  Orphanage
Partner: Rancho San Juan Bosco
Number of Children: 35

Description: RSJB was established for boys only and at this time can accommodate up to 40 children ranging in age from 4 to 17. Expansion plans are underway to increase their capacity to 80 children including infants. They have also just opened a medical clinic to treat the boys as well as surrounding neighbors. RSJB rehabilitates street children and attempts to reunite them with any existing family or a new family. The main goal is to provide Christ-centered stability in the lives of children by teaching them about the love of a heavenly father who will never abandon them. The orphanage is not supported by the Mexican government and is not affiliated with any national denomination or church group. They are completely dependent upon the generosity of others, both locally and in other countries.


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