Current Project - New Life - Orphanage - Yangon, Myanmar

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City: Yangon
Project:  Orphanage
Partner:  New Life Foundation

Work commenced by a small group of dedicated people in South East Asia over a decade ago to care for the orphans in Yangon.

Over 300 children have been rescued, and now live in a loving environment where they receive their daily needs, medical care and education. Based in three different locations, they will be nurtured to become leading citizens within their respective regions.

Currently New Life has a rice paddy for sustainable growth. This will provide income, training and employment. To date, 44 acres is under crop, with a number of small crops grown in the off season.

Volunteers have also assisted in disaster relief, building medical clinics, building new housing and joining education teams.

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Many local communities have no access to clinical assistance. This medical clinic will provide a basic service to one community in a sub area within Yangon. A similar clinic in another area some 10 klms away from the subject area, assists some 300 patients per week.

This project trains health workers to provide family planning information and hygiene practices.

Due to the unstable political and economic climate, it is envisaged that the medical clinic will continue to operate for many years after the project timetable. The project capital for building and equipment will last for many years. Indigenous people must pay (although minimal) for the service. This will ensure the project continues.

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