Current Project - Almaz Yehitsanat Masadegia Dirijit Orphanage - Adama, Ethiopia

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City: Adama, Ethiopia
Project: Orphanage
Partner: Almaz Yehitsanat Masadegia Dirijit
Number of Children: 20

Established in 2004, Almaz Yehitsanat Masadegia Dirijit ("Almaz") is a ministry working with street and orphaned children. It’s objective is to reduce and alleviate the plight of orphans and street children in Nazareth (Adama) and to improve the social development of the community. Run by a local couple, Ashenafi and Almaz Haile, this orphanage provides basic necessities such as food, clothing, shelter, and medical attention, as well as offering vocational training.

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