Current Project - Salvation Army - IT Program and Internet Cafe - Tondo, Manila, The Philippines

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The Philippines Computer Installation - Tondo Manila Be A HERO

City: Tondo, Manila
Project:  I.T. Program & Internet Café
Partner: Salvation Army

Be A HERO Australia has supplied and installed eight computers at the Tondo Salvation Army to enable people in the Tondo community to receive free vocational training in computer skills.

Be A HERO Australia is now looking to partner with Tondo Salvation Army to supply and install computers into an internet café so that the vocational training program for the community can be expanded while at the same time bring self-sufficiency to this project.

Current Project - Eagles Wings - School, Full Care Program, Camps - Ndola, Zambia

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brothers in armseagles wingszambia06Donate Button Small AUS

City: Ndola, Zambia
Project: Transit Centre, Education Centre, ACTS Initiative
Partner: Eagles Wings

This mission is to work with children in poverty, assisting them to reach their God-given potential through partnering with the children’s existing family and community to bring education, hope, renewal and justice through Jesus Christ.

Current Project - Heroes of the Nation - Orphan and Student School & Accommodation - Nyahururu, Kenya

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Kenya Heroes of the Nation Orphan and Student School Be A HERODonate Button Small NA

City:  Nyahururu, Kenya
Project: Student and Orphan Accommodation
Partner:  Heroes of the Nation
Number of Children:  516

This campus has four accommodation buildings which accommodates 60-80 children – 60-80 beds and mattresses, 8 showers, 8 basins, 8 toilets and two beds for the house mothers.

North Americans you can sponsor these children

Current Project - Garden of Blessing - Orphanage - Tachilik, Myanmar

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Myanmar Orphanage - Tachilik Be A HERO1Donate Button Small NA

City: Tachilik, Myanmar
Project: Orphanage
Partner: Garden of Blessing
Number of Children: 20

The Tachilik orphanage was open to service the Wa resettlement region. In 2001 and 2002, over 150,000 (and possibly up to 250,000) Wa people were forced to move from their northern home along the Saween River region to the border of China within the Northern Shan State area to the lower regions along the Thai/Burma border. There has been much sickness, poverty, and fighting in this region, and there are many orphans.

Current Project - Homes of Hope International - Night Creche and Computer School - Miraj, India

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India Homes of Hope International - Night Creche and Computer School -Be A HERODonate Button Small AUS

City:  Miraj, India
Project:  Night Creche & Computer School
Partner:  Homes of Hope International

The city of Miraj is located approximately 400km's south of Mumbai and is home to over 500 commercial sex workers. Miraj has one of the highest incidences of HIV/Aids in India.

The Night Crèche project will increase protection for these children at risk through a safe place for them to sleep at night, assistance with homework, teaching personal boundaries and health, a meal, seminars for their mothers, and access to a social worker and assessment services that will determine when a high risk child needs to be taken into full time care. Furthermore, the Night Crèche project will also conduct a computer school for primary and high school age children to give them skills that will enable them to find employment, or pursue tertiary education, upon completing high school.


Field Partners - Heroes of the Nation - Nyahururu, Kenya

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Kenya Heroes of the Nation Partner Campus Be A HERODonate Button Small NA

Heroes of the Nation, through its “Village Concept” is developing its orphanages with “home-based” care programs that help to prevent the disruption of the family unit that is essential to Kenyan life.  The “Village Concept”, as part of the health-care program, includes the development of resource centers in rural areas that contain videos and information about the AIDS virus and its prevention.  HOTN believes that education leads to hope, and hope leads to action.

The Heroes of the Nation School, has been operational since 2002 and currently has 534 students in primary and high school. This element of the project is very important to the development of the community for the following reasons:

The children of the community attend HOTN for schooling for the following reasons:
i)    the standard of education is very high;
ii)   there is a boarding school available because it is too far to travel daily;
iii)  it is the only boarding school in a 10 km radius;
iv)  the children are fed a nutritious diet enabling them to concentrate;
v)   the location of the school is a long way from bad influences eg. drugs/alcohol, etcetera;
vi)  the school is needed because nearest town is 7 km away.

Current Project - Children Rescued in Burundi - Bujumbura, Burundi

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Burundi Be A HERO 1

City: Bujumbura, Burundi
Project: Orphanage
Partner: Children Rescued in Burundi (C.R.I.B.)
Number of Children: 48

C.R.I.B was founded in 1993 by Christine Chapman, a registered nurse and midwife from Great Britain. She originally went to Burundi to establish a maternity clinic and dispensary. After three years, war broke out, and Chrissy started collecting babies that had been left to die on garbage heaps. C.R.I.B. now cares for 48 children in their own facility which includes a school, and a secondary school run out of rented premises.

North Americans you can sponsor these children

Road 2 Relief - Bohol Earthquake Relief Needed

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bohol be a hero final 2.jpg

bohol relief newsletter 03.jpg

A 7.1-magnitude earthquake smashed the Cebu province including the central island of Bohol, The Philippines on Tuesday morning, ripping apart bridges, tearing down centuries-old churches and triggering landslides that engulfed entire homes.


The number of people confirmed killed on Bohol and neighbouring islands climbed from 93 on Tuesday to 151 on Wednesday night as the full scale of the disaster became clear, and there were no tales of miracle rescues.


Our partner has over 800,000 meals ready to deliver to residents of Bohol Island.  Immediate financial support is required to be able to deliver the meals.

bohol newsletter 04.jpg


Many people are now homeless and shops are closed, so hunger over the coming days and weeks will become a real problem.


In the coming days we want to help transport all the food from Manila to Bohol Island and then distribute it to the hardest hit of the 1.2 million residents.




*Make your tax deductible donation to help the distribution.               (All donations over $2 are tax deductible)

Fifty staff ready to deliver food


bohol newsletter012.jpgOur project partner on Bohol Island has over 50 staff and does amazing work helping to transform the lives of thousands of locals every year through the Transform program.


They are such an inspiration to us and we know that they are already helping those in need, so we just need to support them at this time through donations to get the shipping and food distribution organised.


Your support would be greatly appreciated at this time.


If you have any questions please call or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


David: 0402137305  - Fiona: 0412335792


More about the earthquake...


bohol newsletter 02.jpg

Cebu province, with a population of more than 2.6 million, is about an hour away by plane from Manila. Neighbouring Bohol, a favourite of tourists because of its sandy beaches, is a short boat ride away from Cebu.

There were reports of aftershocks following the quake.

Nearly 3 million people were affected by the 7.1 magnitude quake on Tuesday, which caused landslides and widespread damage to infrastructure in the tourist destinations of Bohol island and the nearby Cebu islands.

The number of injured rose towards 300, with at least 23 people missing.

The national disaster agency said at least 134 of the dead were on Bohol Island, which took the brunt of the quake. The island is located 630 km (390 miles) south of the capital, Manila.

Officials feared the toll would rise as communications with remote areas were re-established.


Find out more at



*Make your tax deductible donation to help the distribution.         (All donations over $2 are tax deductible)



Bohol Be A HERO Final 01

*In Australia, tax deductible receipts for gifts over $2 with a preference for this GDG-approved emergency relief project J700N will be issued by the Be A Hero Australia Ancillary Fund (ABN: 28 521 795 320).  Global Development Group (GDG; ABN 57 102 400 993) is the AusAID approved NGO responsible for the project. Excess funds may go to other approved project activities.

HERO Army News November 2013

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Looking for a christmas gift idea for those men in your life ?


Make this Christmas gift one that helps transform lives in Cambodia by purchasing 3 Individually hand sewn Mens Business Shirts for just $140 .

  • Choose between black (cotton/spandex), white and/or white with grey pin stripe (100% cotton)
  • We can deliver to you or your loved ones
  • Corporate branding embroidery available
  • Order this week to have delivery before Christmas

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. us to order today for Christmas delivery

David Crawford 0402 137 305


To find out more about how buying garments made through HERO Shop is helping transform lives click here.



Total Shade Solutions love HERO Shop Polo's


Total Shade Solutions are delighted to be wearing company apparel supplied by Be A HERO through the HERO Shop.

TSS says, “The guys are very impressed with their new work shirts, they look and feel great!  We are happy that we have been able to help out others that are in need by doing this.”

To order Mens and Ladies Business Shirts, Polos and T Shirts for your organisation, team or next event This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. today.

Knowledge is Key for a Bright Future


placeholder150.jpgThese kids are hungry for knowledge and so happy that they have a chance to study in a ‘class’. They know that this is their chance to have a bright future!

Two village outreach projects for children are out in the back blocks of the province. One ‘class’ takes place under a big old tree and at a second location the ‘class’ takes place under a house. White boards are replaced with flip charts and chairs replaced with tarps.

The children travel along the wet pot holed roads, slipping and sliding in the mud and rain, as they excitedly make their way to their ‘classrooms’ much earlier than they need to. 

Mums’ and Dads’ sit around the boundary of the class and the joy on their faces can’t be hidden.

Many of these parents would not have had an opportunity like this and have no doubt struggled through their lives as a result of illiteracy. The teachers are passionate about imparting their knowledge to the children, so class time is special for all involved.

Women’s Lives are Changed


placeholder150.jpgUnskilled women are given an opportunity for self-development in the communities where Be A HERO project partner, Global Concern is educating children .

In India and Bangladesh sewing classes ares part of the community development program training village women in the tailoring skills they need for employment. Many are able to find work in garment factories, earning an income for the first time in their lives.

The Indian women who formed a “self-help” group are so grateful for the opportunity to own their own sewing machines so they can sew clothes at home and earn a living.

All these women's self-esteem has improved as they are able to help provide for the daily needs of their families.

placeholder150.jpgA one off donation of $170 will provide a  sewing machine to help one woman fight her  way out of poverty.

Ongoing support of just $33 a month to support a child also provides training for these women.  


Be A HERO - Share your heart for others


placeholder150.jpgAnyone with a voice, computer or a pen can be an advocate.

Just start talking to those around you about the issues of today: poverty, AIDS, child labourers, orphans, street children, child soldiers, sexual exploitation, slavery, unsafe water, children not in school, maternal death rate, refugees, night commuting children, human rights, justice – pick one that you are passionate about, study it, and SPEAK UP!

Join the Be A HERO Facebook and share it out to your friends and asscoiates.

Find Out More Ways to Be A HERO

David & Fiona



HERO Army News March 2014

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Sunday 30 March Fun Run/Walk



Walk, run, push, scoot, wheel or drag your dog along
to transform children's lives!

Bring yourself, the kids, the dogs, the scooter, the pram, the frisbee and enjoy the beauty of the bay!


G J Walter Park, Shore Street North, Cleveland (behind Grand View Hotel)

Adult     $25
Student/Concession     $15
Child (10-15 years)     $5
Under 10 years     Freecleveland gj walter park map hero event route.png
Family (2 adults + up to 4 children)     $60
Team (6-10 people)     $100

Available on the Day:
Drinks (from $1.50)

Sausage sizzle ($1.50) available from 4.30pm


Registration opens - 3.00pm
Runners start 4.00pm - Walkers straight after



Read More HERO Events for 2014 


ANZAC Day "Break the Cycle" Samford Ride


cyclist_pouring_water_into_mouth.pngWant a countryside/mountain challenge?
25 April, 2014 is your day.

Time:  6.30am

Where:  Park in Station Street, Samford Village

Download registration form and return by email by 20 April, 2014 please
Sausage sizzle ($1.50) available from 4.30pm

Available on the Day:cyclists_with_hand_up_countryside.png
Snacks in Woodford
Afternoon tea in the park @ Station Street, Samford Village

**Cyclists participate at their own risk and will be required to sign a waiver indemnifying Be A HERO Australia against all liability

**Cyclists are required to be members of BQ and have BQ Member Insurance to indemnify all participants against damages and/or lossregister_now_button_small_aus.png


Read More HERO Events for 2014

HERO Army funds "Empower Seamstresses"



This past year we have been supporting sewing training and employment for ladies to make  mens and ladies business shirts, when you purchase your corporate business shirts through us you are supporting girls to have proper wages and great working conditions.

This project has a heart to equip, empower and enrich the

lives of the Cambodian people by providing long term donate button small aus.pngsolutions through the provision of quality development projects and is one of the centres supported by the HERO Shop.

Program beneficiaries bring with gdg button small.pngthem a number of issues resulting from their circumstances, which include, but are not limited to children and youth who are living in extreme poverty, victims of sex trafficking, rape, domestic violence and addictions; children, youth and adults living with HIV; orphans either due to death, abandonment or poverty; and child headed households and labourers.

Your HERO Army funds are creating self sustainibility for many, go the HERO Army!


Read About More Sustainibility Projects


Till next month, we love you Heroes!


David & Fiona


HERO Army News - October 2014

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HERO ARMY News October 2014

Welcome to the October 2014 HERO Army News. This month we share about our Cleveland District State High School uniforms; our upcoming Super HERO Dinner; and how one girl can help those in need with a little help. Enjoy...

Super HERO Dinner - Friday 7 November, 2014




Cost: $65.00 per person or $500 for a table of 10 people

Time:  6.30pm for a 7.00pm start


Where:  Pacific Resort, Middle Street, Cleveland 4163

MC: Nova Radio Host - Kip Wightman

Guest Speakers: Everyday Super HEROES - Ryan and Anna Cuthel

How can you easily "Be A HERO"

Lucky Door Prizes - Best Dressed Super HERO - Raffles/Auction

Click the register now button to book or contact David Crawford 0402 137305 for Table Bookings and/or Sponsorship.

Cleveland High School Uniforms


hero shop tag 5.jpgCambodian girls having their lives transformed through the making of school uniforms!!!

After a meeting with school principal, Paul Bancroft in 2013, Cleveland District State High School decided to take its already extensive social justice programs to new frontiers by giving Be A HERO the opportunty to make the school's senior uniforms through our HERO Shop!agape 3.jpg

The HERO Shop concept is to make transformational change of lives in developing countries as well as helping to engage Australians who purchase clothes made by extremely poor, rescued or "at risk" girls in developing countries.

The Cleveland High students can actively participate by wearing and feeling the difference they are making in the lives of rescued girls, thus empowering the next generation so they can be part of the solution for others through this training, empowering and income generating process.

The two projects that Be A HERO work with in Cambodia support over 85 girls and they have been busy making the school uniforms.

agape 1.jpgThe uniforms will be delivered over the coming weeks to be ready for the 2015 school year.  This will be an incredibly exciting time for all of us at Be A HERO and our project partners.

empower 1.jpgagape 2.jpg

donate button small aus.png




sophy bike.pngBike for Sophy

While Fiona was in Cambodia recently she caught up with one of our great friends Sophy. Sophy works on the ground in Phnom Penh helping keep babies from being trafficked.

Sophy is an amzazing example of helping her own with all of her energy and talents, so when she shared with Fiona how much she needed proper transport to get around, naturally Fiona was empowered to help raise some money to by a moto.

So, the text mesages went out and the "Super HERO" Break the Cycle Cambodia team pitched in and raised $1200 and 48 hours later Sophy took possession of her new (second hand) Honda. We are blessed to have such incredible friends and now Sophy can help more of those in need - awesome!! Michael De Jong (Be A Hero supporter) said, "It was great being involved again in what Be A Hero does best - making a difference and helping those like Sophy be able to help others in Cambodia".

Till, next month when we see you at the dinner... we love you Heroes!

David & Fiona


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Be a Hero Australia Ltd

Be A HERO is a proud partner with Global Development Group (ABN 57 102 400 993) and Global Concern (ABN 88 001 276 240), Australian Non Government Organisations [NGO] carrying out humanitarian projects.

HERO Army News - November 2014

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Welcome to the November edition of the HERO Army News, three uplifting ways HEROES transform lives, read below...

  1. Super HERO Dinner - This Friday night we have our annual Super HERO Dinner, join us for a great night.
  2. Bangladesh Child Sponsorship - Uplifting news from the ground with Katherine Franks at child sponsorship projects we support in Bangladesh.
  3. HERO Army funds for sewing program - How your tax deductible donations are being used to provide self sustainable solutions for the girls in Cambodia.

HERO Army News - December 2014

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HERO ARMY News December 2014christmas tree 2014.jpg

Welcome to the December edition of the HERO Army News.  So much has been achieved in 2014 but the job is not complete for this year just yet - we have uplifting ways for you, the HEROES to transform lives.

Read + click + donate = transformed lives and a Merry Christmas...

Give a Gift Card 

Help kids be kids this Christmas, even when life won't let them.

Give friends, family and associates a gift that keeps on giving - and it's tax deductible.

This Christmas our focus is on:-

We will send your special person a specially made gift card - you can choose the information that goes in your card, eg. the project, the amount, the type of gift.


We know thousands of children who could use the gift of life - an education - a home - a meal - hope!

Your gifts won’t just put a smile on the faces of friends and family – they’ll also help children at risk and their families who're living in poverty.picture3.png

To get started, click here to go to our website or you can choose exactly where your donation goes from the projects listed below.


donate button small aus.png



Please include an additional $2 per card to cover the cost of the card and postage.

christmas tree 2014.jpg

More ways to help....

9 Children need urgent sponsors

Education Centre in Myanmar

Break the Cycle 2015

Release a child from poverty today

david child sponsorship.jpg

Make a child's Christmas in 2014 by sponsoring them for just $33 per month.

We have 9 children that urgently need sponsoring in Bangladesh
In many developing countries around the world, almost 2000 children are sponsored through Be A HERO - helping to create positive changes, not only for their sponsored child, the child's family and community, but also children in other sponsorship communities, for generations to come.


donate button small aus.pnggc logo.png


Education Centre in Myanmar Starting Construction 2015

new life be a hero education 1.jpg

Construction will start soon on the education centre at Be A HERO's partner, New Life Trust in Myanmar.

Myanmar ranks number 149 on the UN Human Development Index 2011.

Myanmar is also ranked number 120 in terms of education. (UN HDI & EI 2010) Many children do not have the opportunity to go to school, and those that do, receive very low levels of education.

As there are now signs that the Myanmar is opening up, economically and politically, basic education, English proficiency and computer skills are essential in assisting these communities out of poverty.

Some of the objectives of the education centre:-
new life be a hero education4.jpgA) To increase educational standard in English/Burmese literacy and computer literacy in this community.
B) To establish a preschool facility for community children.
C) To develop a designated library area within the Educational Training Centre.
D) To increase the employment opportunities and thereby reduce poverty in this community.

The education centre will also provide adult classes in IT, family planning, medical care and many other community needed ititiatives.

new life be a hero education3.jpgThis project will continue for many years after the project completion as a comprehensive learning centre.

Whilst it is not anticipated short term, long term fee for service could occur for education services.

Be A HERO has been a proud partner of New Life in Mynamar since 2008. To make a tax deductible donation towards the education centre click on the link below.

donate button small aus.png

gdg button small.png




Get ready for Break the Cycle - September 2015

kev and dave btc.jpgBreak the Cycle Australia - Great South East Queensland - is a challenging cycling event starting at Roma Street Parklands, Brisbane cycling 1000km in 8 days around the Great South East.

Challenge yourself to ride hard and raise funds for those less fortunate.

Since 2008 Break the Cycle has inspired thousands of Australians to ride, support and donate to transform the lives many children in developoing countries. 
gdg button small.pngThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.






Till next month, we love you Heroes!

David & Fiona


HERO Army News - February 2015

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This Easter help stop child labour and trafficking by purchasing fair trade chocolate.eggs2.jpg

Cote d’Ivoire (the Ivory Coast) is where 35% of world’s cocoa is harvested. Hundreds of thousands of children work in West Africa’s cocoa plantations. Thousands of children, as young as ten, from neighbouring countries are actually trafficked to harvest the beans from cocoa farms. 

Their freedom is taken and they are forced to work long hours on the cocoa plantations without receiving any money for their work. They work in dangerous conditions using machetes to open the cocoa beans. Most of the boys working on these farms have never tasted chocolate.

INTERPOL and Cote d’Ivoire officials recently rescued 76 children, most of whom had been trafficked from neighbouring Burkino Faso and Mali to do the backbreaking work of cocoa harvesting.

Aldi has stocked their entire Easter range with UTZ Certified products.  Congratulations to Aldi for their stand against human trafficking. There are also choices you can make at other leading supermarkets. Look for - Fair Trade, UTZ certified products.

easter.jpgDownload the Stop the Traffik Good Egg Guide and take it shopping with you! Ask the supermarket assistant or manager to show you where their Traffik-Free Easter products are.

Tell them you are supporting farmers who are engaging in good labour practices and contributing the STOP THE TRAFFIK of children in the chocolate industry.

Meet Abdul, trafficked to harvest the cocoa which ends up in our chocolate. Watch this short clip and share Abdul’s story

Find out more about Stop the Traffik.



Take up the challenge of rescuing more trafficked girls by promoting Be A HERO into schoos, work places and sporting asssociations.

We offer many styles of garments and now also offer custom design for your clothing needs (conditions apply).

Fact - In factories in Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Cambodia and others, the people who make our clothes live in poverty, usually earning just half of what they need to meet their basic needs and care for their families.

This is an industry that, on paper, supports the principle of a living wage, which means they earn enough to live on.

heroshopdf.pngMost high street fashion brands have the commitment to pay a living wage written into their ethical codes but little is being done to deliver this into the pay packets of workers who desperately need it.

You can be sure by purchasing clothing through Be A HERO, the staff that make the clothes are treated with dignity and respect and are able to support their families because the wage is at least double the industry standards.

You can make a huge difference in the lives of others through the simple purchase of clothing.

Orders from 10 - 10,000 garments welcome.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Call David Crawford today on 0402 137 305 to discuss or email.

Till next month, we love you HEROES!!!

David & Fiona



Cyclone Pam Relief Appeal

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A major relief effort in Vanuatu after the devastation of Cyclone Pam is already underway, we are calling on all HEROES to support the efforts of locals to help those in desperate need.pangobeahero1.jpg

News from the ground in Vanuatu...

Like many other villages, Pango Village, just outside Port Vila, was devastatingly hit when Cyclone Pam crossed from the east to the west side of Vanuatu on Friday 13 March.

Initial reports and photographs show that the community has been severely affected with many roofs and shacks destroyed, trees uprooted, subsistence gardens lost, jobs in jeopardy and lives in ruins.

van.pngEven the loss of tourism over the next several weeks will hit almost every family badly.

Over the past 10 years our friends at Cleveland High School have built a relationship with Pango Village, with groups of staff and students undertaking ambitious projects in the local schools and kindergartens.

Staff and students from their Sister School, Pango Centre School, have travelled to Cleveland for personal development and expanded education.

People urgently need shelter, clean water, food and sanitation and as we find out more information we will alert you to specific needs like housing and infrastructure rebuilding.

While it is exciting to build relationships in good time, the test of these relationships comes in times of need.

We are appealing to all school families as well as the wider Be A HERO community, to reach out with a tax deductible donation to help to help rebuild the schools, kindergartens, village infrastructure and homes of those worst affected, as well as to provide emergency aid where needed.

All money raised will go to the relief effort in Pango Village and beyond if possible.

If you want to help, donations can be made to Be A HERO Australia on the link below or bank transfer.donate

Westpac Bank - Be A HERO Australia

BSB : 034 070  ACC : 308 700

Donations over $2 are tax deductible.

The project is being managed and monitored by Global Development Group with Be A HERO Australia.

Together, we can do amazing things, come on HEROES!




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