What We've Done - Salvation Army - Child Care Centre Renovation - Koki, Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea

on Monday, 18 June 2012. Posted in Completed Projects, HIV/AIDs & other diseases, Extreme Poverty, Exploitation, Infrastructure, Papua New Guinea

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City: Koki, Port Moresby
Project:  Child Care Centre and Dining Hall
Partner: Salvation Army

Be A HERO Australia renovated two houses which will become a child care centre to serve the community, and also renovate the current dining hall which is adjacent to the houses.  70% of the dining hall will be allocated for kitchen use and the remainder of the building will be used as a toilet block for the child care centre.

A third house is being considered for renovation to use as emergency accommodation.

The Childcare Centre is designed to take care of the preschool needs of up to one hundred children who are preparing for their first year of schooling. The need for pre schooling education and support is vital for these children, because like most third world nations, if a child is not able to perform to the necessary requirements they are not able to continue with their education. Consequently, many children do not continue past their first year of schooling and are left with no further opportunities to become educated. Koki Childcare Centre was originally a hostel for disadvantaged families; however the need to provide these children with safety and education became so prevalent in the area of Port Moresby, that the hostel was turned into the Koki Childcare Centre. Be a Hero Australia, has partnered with the Salvation Army on this exciting project, to support the children of Port Moresby and encourage education in the community. 

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