What We've Done - Cambodia Hope Organisation - Safe Haven - Poipet, Cambodia

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City: Poipet, Cambodia
Project: Orphanage
Partner: Cambodian Hope Organisation
Number of Children: 48

Cambodian Hope Children’s Home will become a place of refuge for orphans, street children and those rescued from the sex trade. A full residential facility is planned including dorms, a school, and a vocational school – a safe home where a bright future can begin.

photo01Cambodian Hope Organization (CHO) works with communities in and around Poipet on Cambodia’s northwest border with Thailand. CHO is a local Non-Government Organization registered with the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Rural Development in June 2002. Targeting the needs and opportunities presented in the community, projects include: home and school vegetable gardening; water sanitation; animal husbandry; vocational training (sewing, motorbike repair, computer training); HIV/AIDS education and home care; financial assistance to disabled families; restaurant management, food prep, and hygiene training; awareness training re: child trafficking and domestic violence; well drilling.

CHO focuses on assisting:

  • Children whose parents are HIV/AIDS positive
  • Children from landless families
  • Children from families where one or more parents has disability
  • Children & women at risk of rape, exploitation and trafficking
  • Children from families with drug abuse, alcoholism, or incarceration
  • Children amongst the poorest of the poor from families with more than 3 children

Cambodian Hope has been providing basic life-skills training to children and women; promoting child rights and awareness of trafficking; classes on enhancing health and HIV/AIDS education and prevention; teaching and supporting home vegetable gardening; enabling micro-business through micro-loans, the Clothes Community project, and the Carpets for Communities project.

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