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on Tuesday, 19 June 2012. Posted in Completed Projects, About Us

Kenya Heroes of the Nation Field Partner Be A HERO

From its inception in late 2003 to Dec 2011, BE A HERO has raised and sent out over $8,687,000 USD for building and operating Children’s Homes; Community Centers; refugee housing; vocational, primary and secondary schools; medical clinics;  feeding programs;  mercy missions, and other projects benefiting children at risk, widows, and refugees.

See our list of Projects for more information.

Since the Child Sponsorship program started in 2004, we have sent $2,732,887.24 USD to children’s homes for operating expenses - providing children with a home, food, clothing, schooling, medical care and love. Thanks to all our HEROES!

In addition to our own program, Be A HERO has garnered almost 1700 sponsorships for other organizations such as Compassion International, World Vision, the Salvation Army, Hope For the Nations, and others, which supply an additional $50,000.00 per month to their sponsored children.

Be A Hero has worked with churches and other organizations to raise over $2,500,000 USD for their mercy projects in developing countries.

Be A HERO is actively working in Burundi, Kenya, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Swaziland, Uganda, Burma, Liberia, Malawi, India, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Nepal, Mexico, Romania, Russia, Ethiopia, Ecuador, Zambia, Ghana, DR Congo, Cambodia, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Colombia, and Mozambique.

Be A HERO has set up offices in Canada, USA, Australia, Philippines, and is in process of opening in South Africa, Kenya, Europe, and UK in order to facilitate presenters, donations and projects on these continents.

A big thank-you to all the HEROES!

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