Current Project - Hope for the Nations - Homes of Love Orphanage - Gulu, Uganda

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City: Gulu, Uganda
Project: House of Love and House of Joy Orphanage
Partner:  Hope for the Nations
Number of Children: 30

Homes of Love is a ministry located inside the municipality of Gulu on 3.5 acres of land. There are presently two homes on the property: House of Love and House of Joy. These homes offer the children a safe and supportive environment in which to live. A house matron lives with the children and has the aid of an assistant and two helpers who live in nearby huts. The on-site staff become like the children's mothers, uncles, and aunts who minister to and mentor the children. All the children benefit from attending an on-site school whose teacher also lives on-site and is able to tutor those that need extra help. In addition, Homes of Love has an arts director who introduces the children to art, music, and drama.

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