Current Project - Mamma Jeanne's Orphanage - Goma, The Congo

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City: Goma, The Congo
Project: Orphanage
Partner: Mamma Jeanne's Orphanage
Number of Children: 250

Since 1993, Mamma Jeanne and her staff have cared for 779 children. 295 have been reunited with their relatives, 234 have left (grown up, been taken in by foster families, or died), and 250 are at the home. Of the 779 children, 78 have been victims of rape, and 6 have been infected by HIV/AIDS. The goals of Mamma Jeanne's home are to work to reunite separated children with relatives, care for the children physically, and provide them with love and counseling to aid in their healing after severe trauma (witnessing murder, rape, beatings, etc.), and to provide the children with an opportunity to attend school.

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