Current Supported Project - New Life - Education Centre - Yangon, Myanmar

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City:  Yangon
Project:  Education Centre
Partner:  New Life

Currently there are no suitable environments for learning in this region of Yangon. This activity will provide a long term suitably built learning facility for decades to come.

The main objectives of this project are:

A) to increase educational standard in English/Burmese literacy and computer literacy in this community.
B) to establish a preschool facility for community children.
C) to develop a designated library area within the Educational Training Centre.
D) to increase the employment opportunities and thereby reduce poverty in this community.

•  construction of a building in keeping with the current environment.
•  establishment of a permanent library with materials sourced from Australia and Burma.
•  establishment of a computer station with multiple computers for one on one learning.
•  equip the centre with audio visual and appropriate teaching aids.
•  ensure power supplies to ensure continuous learning.

Currently there are no library facilities in the area. A mobile library service is also envisaged. This project will form a long term foundation for learning.

Currently there are no internet cafes close by so this project will also be able to provide these facilities.

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