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City: Multiple - Mozambique
Project:  Orphanage
Partner: Iris Ministries
Number of Children: 3000+

Iris Ministries has been ministering to orphans and at-risk children for over 10 years. Approximately 700 children are in orphanages while the remaining 2300 are cared for in foster homes managed by local churches. Iris supports these children by directly resourcing the churches that are administering the foster care homes.

City: Refugee Camps near Morrumbala
Project: Disaster Relief
Number of People: approx. 20,000

Description: Food and aid distribution to refugees from the recent massive flooding and cyclones in Mozambique. Working with Iris Ministries, Be A HERO is organizing teams of workers, and financial aid for food, seed, agricultural implements, blankets, shelter, baby formula, and container shipping.

Completed Project

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