Current Project - Heroes of the Nation - Orphan and Student School & Accommodation - Nyahururu, Kenya

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City:  Nyahururu, Kenya
Project: Student and Orphan Accommodation
Partner:  Heroes of the Nation
Number of Children:  516

This campus has four accommodation buildings which accommodates 60-80 children – 60-80 beds and mattresses, 8 showers, 8 basins, 8 toilets and two beds for the house mothers.

North Americans you can sponsor these children

Heroes of the Nation, through its “Village Concept” is developing its orphanages with “home-based” care programs that help to prevent the disruption of the family unit that is essential to Kenyan life.  The “Village Concept”, as part of the health-care program, includes the development of resource centers in rural areas that contain videos and information about the AIDS virus and its prevention.  HOTN believes that education leads to hope, and hope leads to action.

Each building allows students to live on campus to obtain the most benefit from being at Heroes of the Nation.


(Costs subject to change due to conditions in Kenya)

ITEMS                                         SHS       
Achitectural drawing                       35,000.00                      -      
Digging foundation                         18,200.00        
Building stones                               375,000.00        
Building sand                                  247,428.75        
Building hardcore                            58,250.00        
Building balast                                94,375.00        
Cements                                         368,750.00        
Nails,Wallpass and Ybars               50,000.00        
Red oxide                                       38,125.00        
Barbed Tama                                  8,312.50        
Binding wire                                   7,878.75        
Stone dressing                              48,750.00        
Ironsheets                                     375,000.00        
Hop Iron                                        29,387.50        
Rafters and timbers                       123,437.50        
Offcuts and poles                           15,625.00        
Rental steel bars                            44,120.00        
Paints                                             38,125.00        
Doors and Windows                       106,875.00        
Water connecting pipes                  26,400.00        
Working tools                                  9,512.50        
Toilets and bathrooms materials     64,782.50        
Transporting materials to the site   70,000.00        
Construction labour charges           244,115.00        
TOTAL FOR BUILDINGS                    2,497,450.00         KSH

Other expences                       
80 Matresses                                   70000       
40 Decker Beds                                250000       
80 Pairs of Bedsheet                        30000       
160 Blankets                                    70000       
80 Pairs of Bedcovers                       30000       
Labour charge 30%                          855750       
sub totals                                         450000       
Grand Total                                      2,947,450         KSH

The shilling has grown strong against the dollar and the current change rate is at 58.
The total cost for the building of the dormitory is estimated at 50,818.103 USD ($56,800 AUD)

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