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City:  Miraj, India
Project:  Night Creche & Computer School
Partner:  Homes of Hope International

The city of Miraj is located approximately 400km's south of Mumbai and is home to over 500 commercial sex workers. Miraj has one of the highest incidences of HIV/Aids in India.

The Night Crèche project will increase protection for these children at risk through a safe place for them to sleep at night, assistance with homework, teaching personal boundaries and health, a meal, seminars for their mothers, and access to a social worker and assessment services that will determine when a high risk child needs to be taken into full time care. Furthermore, the Night Crèche project will also conduct a computer school for primary and high school age children to give them skills that will enable them to find employment, or pursue tertiary education, upon completing high school.


Many of these women have numerous children who are introduced to the sex trade from an early age. When very young these children are sometimes kept under the bed while their mother plies her trade above them, or are left to play in an adjacent room. This exposure damages children and perpetuates an unhealthy cycle. During the night some children are forced to roam the streets while their mother hosts her clients in their home.

At an early age the children of these sex workers (some as young as 6, but most by age 12-13) are introduced to the sex trade to earn money for their mother and extended families. Most do not know who their father is.

The children of these sex workers are at risk of sexual abuse, violence, being trafficked, and receiving little or no education. It is estimated that there are up to 800 children at risk with girls being at high risk. Children are sometimes trafficked by "uncles".

Impoverished sex workers in Miraj systemically introduce their children (mainly girls) to the sex trade at an early age. The international rights of the child are clearly breached for the children of Miraj sex workers. The children of sex workers in Miraj are:


  • Vulnerable to sexual exploitation.
  • Vulnerable to trafficking.
  • Vulnerable to HIV/AIDS and STD’s.
  • Vulnerable to violence.
  • Rarely complete school.
  • Destined to live a short life as the life expectancy of impoverished prostitutes in the Miraj area is said to be approx. 40 years.
  • Destined to remain in a cycle of poverty.

Such children need to be protected and their rights upheld. To help achieve this the Miraj night crèche will work to educate both the children and their mothers in health and the priority of children completing education, the rights of children, child protection, vocational training and being lifted out of poverty.


  • The children will be provided with a safe place to sleep at night where they are not exposed to the sex trade.
  • Children will be provided with a meal.
  • Children will be given risk assessment
  • Children who are deemed to be in the high risk category for sexual exploitation will be offered, in conjunction with a conversation with their mothers and local authorities, a placement in the Navajeen Transitional Children’s Home sponsored by Homes of Hope International.
  • Children of primary and high school age will be given guidance with homework and will be introduced to computer skills through the computer school using Microsoft Office training materials with a view to them receiving MSO skills certification before completing high school.

Sex workers will be offered seminars and training in the areas of:


  • Child protection and the rights of the child.
  • Health and hygiene.
  • Steps to breaking out of the cycle of poverty.

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