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City:  Chennai
Project:  High School for the poorest of the poor
Partner:  Global Concern

Although schooling is free and compulsory in India from 6-14 years of age, facilities are inadequate and often totally lacking with approximately 40% of students, mostly girls, dropping out by secondary school.

The Love Annapumpatu Primary School, has been operating in Chennai, India for over 6 years where it provides 196 primary school students with an English language education.

The next step along the road out of poverty for the students of Love Annupampattu and the local community is a high school to continue their education in.

Around 33% of India’s population is illiterate.   India is around half the size of Australia but home to almost one sixth of the world’s population. That amounts to around 300 million people in India who can neither read nor write in any language.

In fact, 35% of the entire world's illiterate people live in India.  If nothing is done to address the situation it is estimated that by the year 2020 over 50% of the world’s illiterate population will live in India.

India's 93rd Constitutional Amendment establishes free and compulsory elementary education as a fundamental right of all citizens of India, however, certain problems obstruct this effort, including:

• Low public sector spending on education
• Low enrolments and continued high drop-out rates
• Low levels of educational achievement
• Gender and caste disparities
• Poor quality of education and inappropriate curriculum
• Lack of motivation among teachers and their recruitment
• Poor management of the school system

The importance of secondary school

With large numbers of India's children now finishing primary school, the demand for secondary schooling (grades 9 to 12) is growing. Over the next decade, the number of secondary school students is expected to increase from 40 to 60 million. An increasing share of these students will come from rural and lower income groups, who will be less able to afford private secondary education.

Even countries like Vietnam and Bangladesh, which have lower per capita incomes than India have higher gross enrolment rates (GER) in secondary schools. India's GER in secondary school is 40%, compared to 70% in East Asia and 82% in Latin America.

The importance of English

English is the official government and business language. 30% of Indians speak Hindi, while 18 other languages have official status. However, without an education in English a student will find it basically impossible to climb out of poverty and enter the new world of India.

More Than Education

Be A HERO's partner, Every Home Global Concern's project in Love Annupampattu goes further than simply education, by touching on the needs of the community as a whole. For instance, last year Every Home Global Concern provided 33,425 meals to its students to ensure they are healthy in body as well as mind. Every Home Global Concern has also trained over 120 local women in tailoring and embroidery so that they can provide an income for their families, which include these students.

Every Home Global Concern has been providing an education to the world's most poor and impoverished children for over 25 years and currently educates 1,758 students around the world daily.

By taking a broader approach to the development of a community, Every Home Global Concern is better able to ensure that these young children move out of poverty permanently.

Every Home Global Concern plans to purchase 2.75 acres of land just 100 meters away from the current primary school at a total cost of INR6,875,000 (AU$196,428). This land will serve as the grounds for a new high school.

The building of the high school will include:
18 class rooms $15,317.45 each
Assembly hall $50,000.00
Kitchen $25,000.00
Septic tank $1,500.00
Water tank $1,500.00
Bore well $1,500.00
Compound well $485.00
Total $355,699.10

The set up costs for the high school including purchasing land, construction costs, administration, design and monitoring, is estimated at AU$615,754

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