Current Supported Project - Empowering Cambodia - Training and Employment - Phnom Penh, Cambodia

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Cambodia Empowering Be A HERO 2

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City:  Phnom Penh
Project: Vocational training
Partner:  Empowering Cambodia

This project has a heart to equip, empower and enrich the lives of the Cambodian people by providing long term solutions through the provision of quality development projects and is one of the centres supported by the HERO Shop.

Program beneficiaries bring with them a number of issues resulting from their circumstances, which include, but are not limited to children and youth who are living in extreme poverty, victims of sex trafficking, rape, domestic violence and addictions; children, youth and adults living with HIV; orphans either due to death, abandonment or poverty; and child headed households and labourers.

Empowering Cambodia projects of the community development program include: Economic Development; Water and Sanitation Health (WASH); Vocational Skills Training; and Capacity Building for Children, Youth & Young Adults

The above projects are purposely initiated as a result of research conducted within a community. The sole aim is to provide strategically designed activities that address the needs established during the research period, that improve the lives of those living in the community, thus improving various aspects of the local community, as a whole.

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