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Be A HERO is an international team of people working together to be a voice for children who don't have one and to gather an Army of HEROES to transform those children's lives.

Be A HERO North America
Wesley & Stacey Campbell - Founders - 2003
Joanne Swim - Book keeper

Be A HERO Australia
David Crawford - Founder and Director - 2006
Fiona Crawford - Founder and Administrator - 2006
Noush - Book keeper/administrator

The Philippines Be A HERO Office
Rachel and Chito Sanchez

Be A HERO International


Wesley and Stacey Campbell  have a long history of working for mercy and social justice globally, speaking at 40 conferences per year, and playing a major role in four mercy organizations (New Life Church, Hope for the Nations, Society of Hope, and Be A Hero), which have collectively helped many thousands of the world’s less fortunate. These authors of four books, including Wesley’s most recent, “Be A Hero – The Battle for Mercy and Social Justice”, have also produced 22 CDs, are members of the teaching faculty of the Wagner Leadership Institute, and sit on various Boards. Wesley and his wife Stacey live in Kelowna, BC with their five children.


Wesley Campbell
Ralph Bromley

Be A HERO Canada Staff

Joanne Swim
John Perk


Be A HERO Australia


David and Fiona Crawford (and their children, Joseph, Patrick, William and Lydia) live in Brisbane.

After hearing from Wesley Campbell (one of the founders of Be A HERO in Canada) about children in the rest of the world in 2004, they decided to help - children like the orphans in Nyahururu, Kenya; children in Poipet, Cambodia working all day pushing heavy carts for 7 cents; children who are stolen and forced into prostitution (some of them are transported to Australia);and  children who are dying every second from preventable diseases……this is not OK, fair or just….
After 12 months of running  small fund raising events to build infrastructure at Heroes of the Nation Children’s Home in Kenya and a Hero Holiday to visit the children in February 2005 we knew that we had to help the children on a full-time basis.

Be A HERO Australia was founded in January 2006 and to date is helping nearly 1000 children (if you can count them all) in Nyahururu (Kenya), Poipet (Cambodia), Ndola (Zambia), Myanma, Manila (The Philippines), Telpura (India), Chivu (Zimbabwe)  - children living  in children’s homes, community schools, children rescued from the streets who have suffered terrible inhumanities at the hands of others in order to get something to eat.

Will you join us in the fight for children who can’t fight for themselves and join the Hero Army?


David Crawford

Wesley Campbell

Greg Beech (pastor, prayer ministry leader, Sydney, Australia) - volunteer
Greg is involved in many mercy projects in India and The Philippines through a not-for-profit organization he helped set up and run - Homes of Hope International.  Greg has been an inspiration to the Be A HERO Australia team in lending his wisdom in this work and ministry.

Zac Rook owner of Your Local Movers

Dawn Meier

“Couldn’t Do Without Them” Staff

David Crawford - Director

Fiona Crawford - Administrator

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