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What is a “Project”?

A “project” is what we call a specific planned undertaking, usually a capital-cost building or venture, such as construction of a children’s home, school, medical clinic, or water system.

Our projects are run by our Field Partners - proven, seasoned leaders, getting the job done in their community for their children.

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Project Related Questions:

How do you ensure that the money sent for a project gets spent on that project?

We have signed legal agreements and stringent reporting and accounting procedures in place to ensure compliance and satisfactory completion. The funds are not sent all at once, but in instalments. Once we have received the required receipts, accounting, and photos of one stage, we then advance the funds for the next stage. We also send North American Be A HERO staff or Be A HERO representatives to visit each project site.

What percentage of funds donated for a project actually go to the project, and what percentage is used for administration?

Be A HERO (North America) sends 100% of the funds donated for a project directly to the project, and keeps nothing for administration. We are able to do this because we have donors that support us with gifts specifically designated for administration through our Hero Partnership Program, and our Pillar Program.

Be A HERO Australia (and its Australian partners) are dedicated to only using up to 15% of donations to administer and govern donations and projects. AusAID requires that a maximum of 25% of donations is used in Australia. 

Will I receive a tax receipt?

Be A HERO is a registered charity in Canada, USA and Australia.

In North America, we will issue you a tax receipt early in the following year of your donation.

In Australia you will be issued a receipt when we receive your donation. Not all funds given on behalf of the children are tax deductible under Australian law. Purchases at auctions, raffle tickets, sponsorship and advertising are not tax deductible in Australia.  Sponsorship and advertising donations receive a receipt claimable under your own tax return.

Do I need to raise the entire amount for a project to participate?

Absolutely not! Every dollar helps. You or your group may choose a segment of the project, and make that your fund-raising goal eg: the beds and bedding.

I’ve chosen the project I would like to support – what do I do now?

To make a donation go to Donation envelope on home page.

Can I go to visit my project?

Yes, you would be most welcome to visit your project. We will assist you in making arrangements for your trip. We recommend that you allow at least three months for planning, as the requirements differ from country to country.

How do you choose the Be A HERO projects?

We work with what we refer to as our Field partners. These are organizations that have been working in their area for many years, and have proven their excellence, integrity and fiscal responsibility to us. They submit to us their requests for capital cost projects. We try to have a variety of countries, projects, and sizes of projects available to match donor’s interests and capabilities.

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