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Current Project - Global Concern - Learning Centre - Di Su Village, Yangon, Myanmar

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City:  Yangon, Myanmar
Project:  Learning Centres
Partner:  Global Concern/Every Home for Christ

The poorest of the poor in Yangon are living in the wettest parts of the city with "housing"  built on stagnant slimey water.  The families don't have enough money to send their children to school, so this project is designed to bring the school to them.

Small bamboo and tin "community centres" are built in the community to be used as a school for the village children to be able to receive basic numeracy and literacy skills, allowing them to be able to go on to a government school if their family can afford it, or at least giving them these basic skills required for employment and life in general.

Current Project - Global Concern - Mosquito Nets - Amazon River, Brazil

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Location:  Villages along the Amazon, Brazil
Project:  Provision of Mosquito Nets
Partner:  Global Concern/Every Home for Christ

Malaria is the largest cause of deaths in Africa, with pregnant women and young children most at risk. This disease has a multitude of symptoms and can even lead to coma and death if untreated. For pregnant women it can lead to birth complications, or early miscarriages.

A mosquito net protects children and the family for only $11 per net

Current Project - Hope for the Nations - Hope Village - Community Centre - Chikwawa, Malawi

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City: Chikwawa, Malawi
Project: Hope Village Orphanage
Partner:  Hope for the Nations
Number of Children: 9

Community outreach, day care (60 children), and residential care provide help for the orphans in Malawi. Hope Village also includes a clinic, a feeding program (for 77 children), and a maize mill. One of the key components of the Hope Village Malawi is their formation of 8 community committees, providing leadership and small loans for various income-producing projects to benefit the Home and the communities.

North Americans you can sponsor these children

Current Project - International Childcare Ministries - Transform - Education, Health, Sustainabililty - Manila, The Philipinnes

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The Philipinnes International Childcare Ministries - Transform - Education Health Sustainabililty - Manila Be ADonate Button Small AUS

City:  Quezon City, Manila, The Philipinnes
Project:  Transform communities
Partner:  International Childcare Ministries

The solution to poverty starts with hope. Transform brings families the education, training, resources and support they need to begin their journey out of poverty and into a better tomorrow.

Transform gathers 30 families in each community to participate in VHL training curriculum, addressing positive Values, Health and Livelihood skills. The course is taught by ICM staff and hosted by a local church in the slum.

Current Project - Iris Ministries - Natural Disaster, Refugee Camps - Mozambique

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Mozambique Refugee Camps - Be A HeroDonate Button Small NA

City: Refugee Camps near Morrumbala, Mozambique
Project: Disaster Relief
Partner:  Iris Ministries
Number of People: approx. 20,000

Food and aid distribution to refugees from the recent massive flooding and cyclones in Mozambique. Working with Iris Ministries, Be A HERO is organizing teams of workers, and financial aid for food, seed, agricultural implements, blankets, shelter, baby formula, and container shipping.


Current Project - New Life - Dental & Medical Clinic - Yangon, Myanmar

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Myanmar New Life - Medical Clinic - Yangon Be A HERO1

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City: Yangon
Project:  Dental & Medical Clinic
Partner:  New Life Foundation

This project will aim to address the fundamental needs to assist those in poverty. The perceived issue is a lack of income in a poorly run economic system. The aim is to eradicate poverty in the long term by developing businesses that employ, train, and develop people. Profitable businesses that provide goods and services for long term sustainability. The aim is also to develop small community medical and dental clinics and train Nationals to run them on an ongoing basis.

A medical clinic has been running in this community since 2010.  The current need for this community is a dental clinic. 

Basic dental equipment is needed for this clinic, either through cash donations, or the donation of a chair and equipment.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you can help bring healthy teeth and gums to this community.

Current Project - New Life - Orphanage - Yangon, Myanmar

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Myanmar Be A HERO1

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City: Yangon
Project:  Orphanage
Partner:  New Life Foundation

Work commenced by a small group of dedicated people in South East Asia over a decade ago to care for the orphans in Yangon.

Over 300 children have been rescued, and now live in a loving environment where they receive their daily needs, medical care and education. Based in three different locations, they will be nurtured to become leading citizens within their respective regions.

Currently New Life has a rice paddy for sustainable growth. This will provide income, training and employment. To date, 44 acres is under crop, with a number of small crops grown in the off season.

Volunteers have also assisted in disaster relief, building medical clinics, building new housing and joining education teams.

Australians you can sponsor these children

Current Project - Well Drilling - Turkana, Kenya

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Vana Child Care Be A HERO2Donate Button Small NA


City: Turkana Region, Kenya
Project: Well Drilling

Due to severe drought since 1992, families in the Turkana region have no reliable, accessible source of clean water. Each new well drilled will provide water for 1000 people, vastly improving their health and lives.

HERO Army News March 2014

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Sunday 30 March Fun Run/Walk



Walk, run, push, scoot, wheel or drag your dog along
to transform children's lives!

Bring yourself, the kids, the dogs, the scooter, the pram, the frisbee and enjoy the beauty of the bay!


G J Walter Park, Shore Street North, Cleveland (behind Grand View Hotel)

Adult     $25
Student/Concession     $15
Child (10-15 years)     $5
Under 10 years     Freecleveland gj walter park map hero event route.png
Family (2 adults + up to 4 children)     $60
Team (6-10 people)     $100

Available on the Day:
Drinks (from $1.50)

Sausage sizzle ($1.50) available from 4.30pm


Registration opens - 3.00pm
Runners start 4.00pm - Walkers straight after



Read More HERO Events for 2014 


ANZAC Day "Break the Cycle" Samford Ride


cyclist_pouring_water_into_mouth.pngWant a countryside/mountain challenge?
25 April, 2014 is your day.

Time:  6.30am

Where:  Park in Station Street, Samford Village

Download registration form and return by email by 20 April, 2014 please
Sausage sizzle ($1.50) available from 4.30pm

Available on the Day:cyclists_with_hand_up_countryside.png
Snacks in Woodford
Afternoon tea in the park @ Station Street, Samford Village

**Cyclists participate at their own risk and will be required to sign a waiver indemnifying Be A HERO Australia against all liability

**Cyclists are required to be members of BQ and have BQ Member Insurance to indemnify all participants against damages and/or lossregister_now_button_small_aus.png


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HERO Army funds "Empower Seamstresses"



This past year we have been supporting sewing training and employment for ladies to make  mens and ladies business shirts, when you purchase your corporate business shirts through us you are supporting girls to have proper wages and great working conditions.

This project has a heart to equip, empower and enrich the

lives of the Cambodian people by providing long term donate button small aus.pngsolutions through the provision of quality development projects and is one of the centres supported by the HERO Shop.

Program beneficiaries bring with gdg button small.pngthem a number of issues resulting from their circumstances, which include, but are not limited to children and youth who are living in extreme poverty, victims of sex trafficking, rape, domestic violence and addictions; children, youth and adults living with HIV; orphans either due to death, abandonment or poverty; and child headed households and labourers.

Your HERO Army funds are creating self sustainibility for many, go the HERO Army!


Read About More Sustainibility Projects


Till next month, we love you Heroes!


David & Fiona


HERO Event - Road to Relief The Philippines Fun Run/Walk Wrap Up

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Road to Relief Finish Line small

Inaugurual Road to Relief Wrap Up!

8 December was a beautiful day for a fun run/walk. The sun was shining, there was a sea breeze and we had over 40 participants for our innaugural fun run/walk. 

So far we have raised over $2500 for the Philippines Natural Disasters Relief.

Well done everyone for your participation and willingness to help our neighbours!


Road to Relief Flyer 8 December


Weather Update


Due to the storm bringing down some power lines at Wellington Point, we are rescheduling the Road to Relief to Sunday December 8th. Same Time. Same Place.



Event Information

Our project partner has food ready to distribute for the natural disaster ravaged The Philippines.  We have computers that need to be shipped to get communications up and running again.

We need YOU to raise the transportation money to get all this out to the families and NGOs who need them to get their lives back...

Join Us for your Sunday afternoon stroll or training run
Sunday 8 December, 2013


Registrations open 3pm.

Walk/Run Starts @ 4pm.

Download registration form here. Then click below to pay registration.

Register Yourself

Register Your Family

Donate to help our neighbours in the Philippines:

Donate Button Small AUS

GDG Button small


Map Road to Relief

Here's the link to the route - Southern Foreshore, Wellington Point Reserve, Main Road - Christina Street, Wellington Point

In the event that we have to cancel the run/walk, there will not be any refunds, but the funds will be used to get food and computers to our Filipino neighbours.

*Registration opens 3.15pm

*Runners leave at 4pm

*Walkers leave at 4.10pm



Thank you to our sponsors:-

Bradbury Education and Training  Redlands Kayak Tours  Royal CDS 
   Jaipur Palace  Terra Cottage

UPDATE - Road 2 Relief - Bohol Earthquake Relief Needed

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Bohol Be A HERO Final 3

We have just recieved these updates from Bohol from our project leader, Minierva.

One update is a the letter below and the other is a report for the Condition of Our Jumpstart Area After the Earthquake.pdf containing information about the status of the 13 schools run by ICM in Bohol


Please keep supporting, so far we have already raised $1,100 towards distribuition.


Keep the donations coming in, we are so gratefull for your support.


David & Fiona


Minierva L. Lahaylahay, Interim Area Head - Bohol

International Care Ministries Foundation Inc.- Philippines

Tagbilaran City, Bohol

Hi All,

Good afternoon, it's been 2 days ago since the 7.2 earthquake strike in our province Bohol, personally I was shaking when it was happened, I am holding my 2 daughters and embracing my son while our house was shaking, but in spite of it, I am so thankful to the Lord for sparing the lives of my family as well as all the ICM staff and family,

bohol newsletter 04.jpgMany people are now homeless and shops are closed, so hunger over the coming days and weeks will become a real problem.

In the coming days we want to help transport all the food from Manila to Bohol Island and then distribute it to the hardest hit of the 1.2 million residents.


Seeing all the results of the earthquake, can't help me but cry, it was very devastating, no one was prepared because it was just an ordinary day for all of us.

I noticed people run fro and thro everybody was panic, it seems that it's already the end of the world, most of my neighbors climb to the mountains because some people speculate that tsunami or tidal wave is coming, so everyone go to the higher place bringing their foods and water.

bohol relief newsletter 03.jpgEvery now and then we still experienced after shock, just this morning we experienced another 5.5 earthquake, but I am confident enough that we are all in God's care, so nothing to worry. Just please continue to pray us that Bohol will rise soon.

I was in the command center with other staff bringing the Nutripacks we gave to DSWD, there was plenty of food but I know it is not enough to gave those thousands or millions of Boholano families affected by the earthquake, my heart brakes but overwhelm seeing volunteer from all walks of life packing the foods as a sign that we cares for each other.

The DSWD people headed by Ms. Mita Tecson was so grateful for the food packs we bring to the command center, and Ms. Lala Ruiz executive assistant of Asec Gudmalin was overwhelm for the immediate response we give to their request.

bohol newsletter 02.jpg

Our networks pastor are coming to our office, calling and texting us for help, they need food, water, medicines and blanket, some needs tarpulin or something that they can cover themselves from heat and rain, we already responded almost 30 network pastors with a minimum of 25 household of each pastors and we expect more calls and text are coming before this day ends. we distributed almost 30,000 of food parcels, 408 bottles of water, blankets (donation from shangrilla) as of this time.

bohol newsletter012.jpgOur network pastors are very much overwhelm and grateful with the immediate response we give to their needs, I know going to far areas are much more challenging to do, knowing bridges and roads were being destroy but through our partnership with the bohol provincial government we can reach our hand to them.

Thank you very much for your undying love and support, it is always a blessed to be a blessing to someone, the entire staff of bohol are grateful that our families are ok, because it gives us an opportunity that we can help others beside our families.


*Make your tax deductible donation to help the distribution.          (All donations over $2 are tax deductible)


Bohol Be A HERO Final 2

*In Australia, tax deductible receipts for gifts over $2 with a preference for this GDG-approved emergency relief project J700N will be issued by the Be A Hero Australia Ancillary Fund (ABN: 28 521 795 320).  Global Development Group (GDG; ABN 57 102 400 993) is the AusAID approved NGO responsible for the project. Excess funds may go to other approved project activities.

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