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 Bethlehem Children's Home - Nairobi, Kenya
 Children Rescued in Burundi - Bujumbura, Burundi
 Children's Centre - Ganta, Liberia - Hope for the Nations
 Children's Home - Accra, Ghana - Agape Gospel Mission
 Children's Home - Pedong, India - Hope
 Children's Home - Sikkim, India - Namchi
 Community Centre - Chikwawa, Malawi - Hope Village
 Education Centre - Ganta, Liberia - Hope for the Nations
 Education Program - Pazig City, The Philippines - Jesus Loves the Little Children
 Home for Young Mothers - Chang Mai, Thailand - Hope for the Nations
 Homes of Love Orphanage - Gulu, Uganda
 Libraries - Ghana - Smile Africa
 Mamma Jeanne's Orphanage - Goma, The Congo
 Natural Disaster Refugee Camps - Mozambique - Iris Ministries
 New Family Home - Merauke, Papua, Indonesia
 Nursery School - Village of Hope - Gulu, Uganda
 Orphanage & School - Addis Ababa, Ethiopia - Mojo Meserete Kristos
 Orphanage & School - Heroes of the Nation - Nyahururu, Kenya
 Orphanage - Adama, Ethiopia - Remember the Poorest Community
 Orphanage - Addis Ababa - Ethiopia - The Shepherd's Fold
 Orphanage - Addis Ababa, Ethiopia - Ebenezer Community Aid
 Orphanage - Almaz Yehitsanat Masadegia Dirijit - Adama, Ethiopia
 Orphanage - Ark Children's Home - Riobamba, Ecuador
 Orphanage - Bethany, Swaziland - New Hope
 Orphanage - Brasov, Romania - Hope for the Nations
 Orphanage - Casillejos, The Philippines - Jireht
 Orphanage - Children's Welfare Mission - Namugongo, Uganda
 Orphanage - Colima, Mexico - Hogar de Amor
 Orphanage - Davao, The Philippines - Jesus Loves the Little Children
 Orphanage - Freetown, Sierra Leone - Doves
 Orphanage - Garden of Blessing - Tachilik, Myanmar
 Orphanage - Kampala, Uganda - Anchorage Children's Ministries
 Orphanage - Kampala, Uganda - Mercy Home
 Orphanage - Kitwe, Zambia - Sara Rose Children's Foundation
 Orphanage - Mae Sai, Thailand - Garden of Blessing
 Orphanage - Mozambique - Iris Ministries
 Orphanage - Pattaya, Thailand - House of Mercy
 Orphanage - Rancho san Juan Bosco - Tecate, Mexico
 Orphanage, Hope for the Hopeless - Addis Ababa, Ethiopia - Maranatha Gospel Ministry
 School - Brazil - Uberlandia Minas Gerais
 School for Disabled - Peurto Escondido, Mexico
 Sewing Training & Employment - Svay Pak, Cambodia - Agape In - ternational Ministries
 Suubi Child Development Centre - Kampala, Uganda
 Technical School - Children's Welfare Mission - Namugongo, Uganda
 Vocational Training & Reintegration - Phnom Penh, Cambodia - Destiny Rescue
 Well Drilling - Turkana, Kenya
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 Child soldiers
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 Safe House
 Break the Cycle

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