What We've Done - Heroes of the Nation - Dining Hall and Kitchen - Nyahururu, Kenya

on Monday, 18 June 2012. Posted in Completed Projects, Extreme Poverty, Infrastructure, Orphans, Kenya

Kenya Heroes of the Nation Dining Hall Be A HERO

City:  Nyahururu, Kenya
Project: Dining and Community Hall
Partner: Heroes of the Nation
Number of children: 516

There was a lot of new construction at Heroes of the Nation in 2006, enabling more orphaned children to be accepted into the Home.  However, more children = more strain on the existing infrastructure, which must be upgraded to handle the ever-increasing numbers of children.

The dining hall has enabled the children to eat together sheltered from the elements.  It is also be used for school assemblies and other large-group activities as well.  The cost to build the new kitchen, and the dining hall is $50,500.00 USD.

In the past, the kitchen consisted of a large fireplace, a slab of wood for the counter, a couple of buckets for water, and crates to store the dishes, pots, and utensils, complete with a dirt floor. Amazingly, the cooks managed to prepare three nutritious meals per day for almost 400 people in these conditions.  The children line up at the kitchen to receive their meal.  They then found a spot on the ground to eat. When it rained, or when the sun is too hot, they huddled against the buildings, under the roof overhang.

Items for completion of the hall:

  • The building is completed.
  • The furnishings including chairs and tables have already been supplied

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