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What We've Done - Hope for the Nations - Home for Young Mothers - Chang Mai, Thailand

on Monday, 18 June 2012. Posted in Completed Projects, Extreme Poverty, Exploitation, Homelessness, Thailand, Sustainability

Thailand Home for Young Mothers - Chang Mai Be A HERO 2

City:  Chang Mai, Thailand
Project:  Home and Training
Partner: Hope for the Nations

This program helps young single mothers-to-be with antenatal and postnatal live-in care. Once the mother and baby are thriving, HFTN then provides education and vocational training for the girls so that they can provide for themselves and their babies to break the cycle of poverty.

The silk items in the HEROShop come directly from the girls in the HFTN program in Chang Mai. The profits go directly back to the project to help other disadvantaged young mothers and their infants.

Current Project - Garden of Blessing - Orphanage - Mae Sai, Thailand

on Tuesday, 19 June 2012. Posted in Current Projects, Orphanages - Childrens Homes - Rescue Centres, Extreme Poverty, Homelessness, Infrastructure, Thailand, Sustainability, War and Conflict

Thailand Garden of Blessing - Orphanage - Mae Sai Be A HERODonate Button Small NA

City: Mae Sai, Thailand
Project:  Orphanage
Partner: Garden of Blessing
Number of Children: 20

This is an eight-acre property that contains Bible translation and literacy work, discipleship and student training, an orphanage, and several residences. The children currently in the orphanage all come from the same village on the Thai/Burma border. This is a village of Wa and Chinese soldiers.

Current Project - House of Mercy - Orphanage - Pattaya, Thailand

on Tuesday, 19 June 2012. Posted in Current Projects, Orphanages - Childrens Homes - Rescue Centres, Extreme Poverty, Homelessness, Infrastructure, Orphans, Thailand

Thailand House of Mercy - Orphanage - Pattaya Be A HERODonate Button Small NA

City: Pattaya, Thailand
Project:  Orphanage
Partner: House of Mercy
Number of Children: 19

This home provides emergency shelter, food, clothing, medical care, love, and prayer for street and slum children. There are many problems associated with street children in Pattaya. They are easily taken advantage of by others...some are exploited as street sellers, others sold as slaves to be used as prostitutes to make money. This home takes these kids and gives them safety and their lives back

Issues - Cambodia

on Monday, 18 June 2012. Posted in HIV/AIDs & other diseases, War and Conflict, Extreme Poverty, Exploitation, Homelessness, Human Trafficking, Natural Disasters, Orphans, Slave Labour & Exploitation, War and Conflict, Cambodia

Cambodia map be a hero

The UN ranks Cambodia as one of the world’s poorest countries and the people of Poipet have very little. As a border town Poipet is home to many Cambodians who hope to find work in Thailand. Most fail, and are relegated to the huge slum communities, becoming drawn into the town’s underground world of illegal gambling, prostitution, and sex trafficking. At particular risk are the 300 street children who daily carry packages across the border for the equivalent of only seven cents per delivery, sleeping in the open at night. Many of these children are kidnapped, trafficked across borders, and forced to work in the international sex trade.

Human Trafficking - More Info

on Monday, 18 June 2012. Posted in Bangladesh, Brazil, Myanmar, Burundi, The Congo, Ecuador, Ethiopia, The Facts, India, Indonesia, Ghana, Liberia, Malawi, Mexico, Mozambique, HIV/AIDs & other diseases, Romania, Sierra Leone, Swaziland, Extreme Poverty, Exploitation, Uganda, Human Trafficking, Zimbabwe, Thailand, Slave Labour & Exploitation, Kenya, Cambodia, Zambia, The Philippines

Human Trafficking Be A HERODonate Button Small AUS

Add your voice to Stop Human Trafficking through Stop the Traffik Australia

Warning: Some of the content of this article is disturbing - reporting treatment of trafficking victims.

What is human trafficking? According to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), human trafficking is defined as, "the recruitment, transportation, transfer, harboring or receipt of persons, by means of threat or use of force or other forms of coercion, of abduction, of fraud, of deception, of the abuse of power or of a position of vulnerability or of the giving or receiving of payments or benefits to achieve the consent of a person having control over another person, for the purpose of exploitation."

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