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What We've Done - Hope for the Nations - Home for Young Mothers - Chang Mai, Thailand

on Monday, 18 June 2012. Posted in Completed Projects, Extreme Poverty, Exploitation, Homelessness, Thailand, Sustainability

Thailand Home for Young Mothers - Chang Mai Be A HERO 2

City:  Chang Mai, Thailand
Project:  Home and Training
Partner: Hope for the Nations

This program helps young single mothers-to-be with antenatal and postnatal live-in care. Once the mother and baby are thriving, HFTN then provides education and vocational training for the girls so that they can provide for themselves and their babies to break the cycle of poverty.

The silk items in the HEROShop come directly from the girls in the HFTN program in Chang Mai. The profits go directly back to the project to help other disadvantaged young mothers and their infants.

Shop "Care-fully" African Artefacts for Zimbabwe

on Monday, 18 June 2012. Posted in Current Projects, Ethical Shopping, How to Be A HERO, Zimbabwe

Vana Child Care Be A HERO2Donate Button Small AUS

Eye on Africa

Eye on Africa has a unique range of fine African Art all handcrafted in Zimbabwe. They have a large range of stone sculptures, metal sculptures, and wood carvings.

Through the purchase of their products you will be helping build a stronger economy and community in Zimbabwe, bringing hope and a future to the craftspeople and their families.

Eye on Africa supports Vana Childcare Ministries,  Zimbabwe, in their work of providing teachers, widows and children with education, food and love.

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