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What We've Done - Hope for the Nations - Home for Young Mothers - Chang Mai, Thailand

on Monday, 18 June 2012. Posted in Completed Projects, Extreme Poverty, Exploitation, Homelessness, Thailand, Sustainability

Thailand Home for Young Mothers - Chang Mai Be A HERO 2

City:  Chang Mai, Thailand
Project:  Home and Training
Partner: Hope for the Nations

This program helps young single mothers-to-be with antenatal and postnatal live-in care. Once the mother and baby are thriving, HFTN then provides education and vocational training for the girls so that they can provide for themselves and their babies to break the cycle of poverty.

The silk items in the HEROShop come directly from the girls in the HFTN program in Chang Mai. The profits go directly back to the project to help other disadvantaged young mothers and their infants.

Current Project - Agape International Ministries - Sewing Training and Employment - Svay Pak, Cambodia

on Wednesday, 13 March 2013. Posted in Current Projects, Vocational Training - Self Sufficiency - Income Generation, Orphanages - Childrens Homes - Rescue Centres, Extreme Poverty, Exploitation, Human Trafficking, Infrastructure, Slave Labour & Exploitation, Sustainability, Cambodia

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City: Svay Pak, Cambodia
Project: Vocational Training
Partner: Agape International Ministries

Svay Pak is known as the prostitution capital of Phnom Penh. Be A HERO is working in Svay Pak to eradicate prostitution, human trafficking and slave labour by partnering in a vocational training facility which rescues the girls, rehabilitates them and then teaches sewing, English and Khmer literacy and numeracy, bible study, personal care and values.  The girls are employed in the sewing business which is providing them with good wages, working conditions and sustainability.

Ethical Shopping for Tea, Coffee, Chocolate, Clothing, More - Shop Care-fully

on Monday, 18 June 2012. Posted in HERO Shop, Ethical Shopping, Speak Up, How to Be A HERO, US, Canada, Australia, Slave Labour & Exploitation

Often children are used in the production of the tea, coffee, chocolate and other items we use daily and give to our own children (like easter eggs).  Other industries (like clothing) use slave labour and exploitation to bring us cheap merchandise.

Rainforest-AllianceThe FAIRTRADE Mark and Rainforest Alliance are an independent consumer labels which appears on products as a guarantee that disadvantaged producers in the developing world are getting a better deal.

More and more businesses are producing their products ethically.  Check the labels of your purchases and see where you can Be A HERO with your purchases every day.

FairtradeInterestingly, these products cost a little more than other products,but someone else has a fair income and working conditions and their children get to go to school instead of working in farms that produce tea, coffee and chocolate for our indulgence!

Download the Stop the Traffik Good Egg Guide and take it shopping with you! Ask the supermarket assistant or manager to show you where their Traffik-Free Easter products are. Tell them you are supporting farmers who are engaging in good labour practices and contributing the STOP THE TRAFFIK of children in the chocolate industry.

       Stats Cocoa

Ethical Shopping As We Know It

Salvation Army Stores - coffee, chocolate
Cotton On - clothing, shoes
Dilmah Tea


Fair Trade & Rain Forest Alliance branded goods:-

- Black & Green products
- Cadbury Dairy Milk
- Coles brand coffee pods
- Mars Bar
- Nature's Own
- Organic



Available at:-

Coffee Club
Gloria Jeans



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