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Be A HERO Field Partners

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The Philipinnes Salvation Army - Joyville Childrens Home - Manila Be A HERO 2Be A HERO’s Field Partners are those we have had close, long-term, personal relationships with; those who have proven to be experienced, efficient and financially responsible. In most cases, our Field Partners have been working for many years in their location, caring for orphans, refugees, the poor, and other marginalized people. They are the experts on the ground, providing the daily care and love to those around them. Be A HERO assists our Field Partners by raising funds for their project; providing administrative support; and liaison with donors and sponsors.

Be A HERO Projects

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What is a “Project”?

A “project” is what we call a specific planned undertaking, usually a capital-cost building or venture, such as construction of a children’s home, school, medical clinic, or water system.

Our projects are run by our Field Partners - proven, seasoned leaders, getting the job done in their community for their children.

Have a look at our Projects

Project Related Questions:

How do you ensure that the money sent for a project gets spent on that project?

We have signed legal agreements and stringent reporting and accounting procedures in place to ensure compliance and satisfactory completion. The funds are not sent all at once, but in instalments. Once we have received the required receipts, accounting, and photos of one stage, we then advance the funds for the next stage. We also send North American Be A HERO staff or Be A HERO representatives to visit each project site.

Become A HERO Army Financial Member

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Being a Hero Army Financial Member is a way for ordinary people to Be A HERO everyday - to work together to help children who can’t help themselves.

Hero Army membership raises money for infrastructure and income generation projects.

It enables communities to address their long-term needs by building houses, class rooms, wells and medical centres and create sustainability through training and business start up.

Everyday HERO $15/month
Family HERO $40/month
Super HERO $100/month

HERO Army membership enables communities to:

  • send children to school (pre-school, primary, secondary)
  • have vocational training facilities
  • have technology available for learning and business
  • care for their orphaned and homeless children and widows
  • run successful businesses
  • run adult education classes (hygiene, literacy, human trafficking issues)
  • have sufficient food to learn and grow
  • have access to medical care






Extreme Poverty

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Extreme Poverty Be A HEROAverage Gross National Income for every man, women, and child in America is $35,060. World Development Bank, 2003.

  • Of the 24 mostly Western Developed Nations (including NA, Western Europe, Australia & New Zealand etc.)  Population of 900 million, the GNI is $27,000 USD
  • Compare this to the fact that 1.2 billion people live on under $1.00 a day and 2.7 billion people live on under $2.00 USD a day.
  • 500 million people are hungry and another 500 million are so poor that they don’t consume enough food to render them productive.
  • Because of poverty 33,000 children (mostly under-five-year-olds) die every day due to preventable diseases – diarrhea, measles, malaria, and malnutrition – that is more than one child dying every 3 seconds.
  • 55% of all child deaths (17 million deaths a year) are just because the children are hungry.
  • Poverty is at the root of most of that which contributes to 'children becoming at risk'.

Field Partners - Heroes of the Nation - Nyahururu, Kenya

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Heroes of the Nation, through its “Village Concept” is developing its orphanages with “home-based” care programs that help to prevent the disruption of the family unit that is essential to Kenyan life.  The “Village Concept”, as part of the health-care program, includes the development of resource centers in rural areas that contain videos and information about the AIDS virus and its prevention.  HOTN believes that education leads to hope, and hope leads to action.

The Heroes of the Nation School, has been operational since 2002 and currently has 534 students in primary and high school. This element of the project is very important to the development of the community for the following reasons:

The children of the community attend HOTN for schooling for the following reasons:
i)    the standard of education is very high;
ii)   there is a boarding school available because it is too far to travel daily;
iii)  it is the only boarding school in a 10 km radius;
iv)  the children are fed a nutritious diet enabling them to concentrate;
v)   the location of the school is a long way from bad influences eg. drugs/alcohol, etcetera;
vi)  the school is needed because nearest town is 7 km away.

Religious Persecution

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  • Muslims in Myanmar have been denied citizenship, had their land confiscated, and have been compelled to provide forced labour.
  • More than 10 Million Hindus have had to flee Bangladesh in the face of sustained persecution and periodic riots.
  • 200 million Christians suffer torture, prison, and persecution for no other crime than that they call Jesus Lord.

The Facts - State Of The World - Children

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  • An estimated 10 million children have been forced into the sex industry
  • About 500 million children live with debilitating hunger
  • 134 million children have no access to any school whatsoever
  • 15 million children are orphaned as a result of AIDS
  • 246 million children work, with 171 million engaged in the worst forms of child labour
  • 265 million children have not been immunized against any disease
  • Over one third of children have to live in dwellings with more than five people per room
  • Over half a billion children have no toilet facilities whatsoever
  • Almost half a billion children lack access to published information of any kind
  • 376 million children have more than a 15-minute walk to water and or are using unsafe water sources
  • 300,000 young people are exploited as child soldiers

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