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The HERO Shop and Break the Cycle are also initiatives of Be A HERO Australia.

David and Fiona Crawford founded Be A HERO Australia in January, 2006 after hearing Wesley Campbell talk about the plight of children around the world.

Be A HERO Australia
PO Box 3172
Victoria Point Qld 4165

Phone: +61 7 3103 0434
David Crawford: +61 402 137 305
Fiona Crawford: +61 412 335 792
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

After hearing from Wesley Campbell (the founder of Be A HERO in Canada)  talk about children in the rest of the world in 2004, they decided to help - children like the orphans in Nyahururu, Kenya; children in Poipet, Cambodia working all day pushing heavy carts for 7 cents; children who are stolen and forced into prostitution (some of them are transported to Australia); and children who are dying every second from preventable diseases......this is not OK, fair or just....After 12 months of running small fund raising events to build infrastructure at Heroes of the Nation Children's Home in Kenya and a Hero Holiday to visit the children in February 2005 we knew that God was calling us to help the children on a full-time basis.

We sold our family home, our hairdressing businesses and one of our cars to be able to fund our start up costs.  Since that day we have not looked back.  There is so much joy than knowing that your life is spent every day on purpose for those who need someone to stand up and speak up for them - even though that means that every day we know that children in our world are not living with the basic human necessities - which is very difficult.

Today with their four children and an army of heroes, we are making progress into breaking the cycle of poverty for children all around the world.

We believe that being a hero is every day for everyone. Be A Hero Australia exists to be the vehicle for Australians to be a hero every day. To be a voice for the children who don't have one.

Will you join us in the fight for children who can't fight for themselves and join the Hero Army?

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